Town villa, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Daniel Priehoda

The concept of the house coming out of the urbanistic design creates an optimal distribution of the basic functions and their mutual relations on the given piece of land, minimizes the substance of the building towards the public spaces, tries to reduce the surface of the street façade and contrariwise tries to maximally open the sunny west side and most of all the corner of the south-west part of the house. This basic concept appears in the distribution of the individual function units of the house. In the front part of the entrance there is a doorway with a connection to the garages with a parking system. In the direct link to the entrance part a staircase with an elevator is designed. An entrance to the first apartment unit that develops a floor lower is located in this entrance floor. Upstairs there is an entrance to the second apartment unit with a direct connection to the second receding floor with a 50% built-up. On the floor under these two individual apartment parts there is a swimming pool with fitness and a connection to the terrace. Given the configuration of the terrain we used the space under the terrace for creating of a space for garden furniture storage. The dispositional design of the building is designed as an open space concept in which there are spaces through two floors that are open by galleries and interconnected by inner staircases in both residential parts. The orientation of the main spaces is primarily designed to have a view of Bratislava and Bratislava castle and to have an ideal orientation towards the cardinal points - a south-west one. Exterior spaces that connect to the residential spaces of the house and relaxation and recreational part of the house represent an inseparable part of the design. A relatively hilly terrain enables a creation of supplementary exterior spaces suitable for spare time activities outside with the design of the reinforced and green surfaces while the dominant feature of the exterior adjustments is an adjustment of the outside spaces that enables the attractive views to the surrounding geographical and historical attractions of the surroundings in which the house is located. A very clear concept and legible scheme of the dispositional and operational design is complemented by material-spatial and architectural design. It is necessary to mention again that it consistently connects to the urbanistic design of the whole piece of land. The main material externalization constitutes a simple rectangular substance with admitted boards of the individual floors. A simple cube, with its longitudinal axis oriented in the direction of the down slope is roofed with a flat roof with receded upper floor from both sides. This material of the family house wants to be a clear expression of the entry of the modern architecture to the original environment with respect to the links of the surrounding built-up of the predominantly inclined roofs receded by the upper floor.

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