Administrative building, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Juraj Sumbal

The material-spatial design has come out of the following rules that were set for the expressional design of this multifunction house: expressional presentation of present and a higher standard of an administrative building; a material emphasis of the functional-operational and dispositional design to the basic units; a respect of the surrounding setting (architectural buildings and spaces), contextual approach; an endeavor for an unambiguous expression of the main building. The architectural design comes out of the given urbanistic facts. An emphasis on quality of the architectural expression is put on the main expressional part of the building. The main requests and rules for the design of this administrative building from the point of view of a functional-operational and dispositional design are: clarity and legibility of the functional-operational design without crossing of the basic operational bonds; the possibility of the interconnection of the additional building with the original building; minimizing the number of the entrances and therefore also control points throughout the building; a clear segmentation of the disposition and premises and their projection into the material-spatial and architectural-artistic externalization; creating of as many parking spaces as possible.
In the dispositional design we came out of the building program that we applied to the architectural-urbanistic concept. The dispositional concept respects the functional division of the building into two parts independent to one another - the original and the additional building - and at the same time their mutual interconnection. In the design of the building a function of the individual parts independent from time is possible and also their mutual simple interconnection into one whole. Individual buildings create structurally stand-alone dilatation units. From the front side the additional building is connected to the Cajkovsky Street with a driveway and with a possible second entrance for employees. Trash disposal and access to the technical base is also served by this road.

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