Settlement around the castle, Bratislava (a public anonymous urbanistic-architectural competition)
Daniel Priehoda, Juraj Sumbal, Peter Vodrážka, Ľubomír Závodný

In the design next to the use of conservational methods and style-reconstruction methods we decided for a combination of a hint reconstruction method in the determination of the rules of an urbanistic design and a method of a new shape while architectural-artistically designing the newly suggested buildings which satisfies the new functional requirements in the area the most.
The line of Zizkova Street represents a supporting spatial skeleton of the area and continues in the extension of the Panska Street around Vydricka gate just like it was in the past. In this area Zizkova street bends around the Watertower where a material-spatial release of the structure arises and at the same time it becomes a place with the biggest contact with the history (The Watertower and from there through the corridors of today's shooting range and via underground elevator it is possible to get all the way to the castle quadrangle) and also with the Danube riverbank and the river. At the same time in this point the tracks of foot traffic meet and these lead from downtown to Zuckermantle with sidewalks leading to the castle and the riverbank. Moreover the height proportions enable to create a connection with a footbridge over the Watertower and at the same time to cross over a busy riverbank road using this footbridge. After the bend of the Zizkova street there is a new substance created that resembles a building of arsenal, and a fragment structure of the papal courts around the small Trinity church is set into the newly suggested structure. Relatively less complicated is a newly planned structure of the buildings that aim towards the high-rises. The ground segmentation of the urbanistic structure unreels again from the historical situation. In the sector "High-rises" in a very far horizon (after the technical and moral decease of these buildings) a design with a substitution of contemporary three residential high-rises with a final building is planned that will ideologically and compositionally follow up to the structure of the built-up of the settlement under the castle and at the same time will be a follow up to the PKO area (in compliance with the competition it needs to be finished).

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