Building of the headquaters of Slovenská spotiteľňa, a.s., Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Dalibor Michalák, Michal Lang, Ondrej Pleidel

The externalization of the building comes out of the character of the building, the functional purpose of the building as well as the dispositional-operational design alone. Priority was bound to the philosophy of an emphasis of a bank building - a central office. On one hand the building represents a contemporary design with its shape and expression; on the other hand it strives to be simple and rational in its expression that is poetically made special by the plasticity and the dynamics of the facades. The main determinants and limits of the area in which the building is located project themselves also onto the operational design of the area and the dispositional design. The couple of the materials of the building suggested are oriented along Tomasikova Street - the influence of the undesirable south side was eliminated - by orientation of both buildings only with narrow materials of the façade. From the urbanistic point of view we prefer perception of the two substances from access roads from Roznavska and Vajnorska Street - a slim unobtrusive expression from these sides. In the design there is an increased accent put on the views from the building - the buildings are oriented towards the best views - the Carpathian massif with Bratislava television transmitter, the mall Polus City Center and Lake Kuchajda. The reinforced surface in front of the building is designed with a lifted plateau. The parterre is designed to be active in spite of the philosophy of the reclusiveness of the bank headquarters - there is a branch bank, a canteen and an urbanistic link to the pedestrian roads of the whole zone. The priority of the architectural expression of the building is given to the architecture of two substances of administration, the harmony of rationalism and poeticism of the outer facing is emphasized - raster versus a dynamic set out. In the dispositional ground plan inner backyards are created that enable natural illumination of the premises in the underground floors and enable their safety at the same time.

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