Villas, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Vodrážka

The villa quarter under Bratislava's Slavín is of an unrepeatable charm. The quarter is created by manifold picturesque architecture of two centuries interlaced with old trees and winding streets. A group of four houses, designed as a foreign embassy and an accommodation facility for its employees, has entered this environment. The houses create a rhythmical continuous stripe of the build-up that rims an ascending path for pedestrians. Its structure is based upon the biggest corner house carrying the representative functions of the embassy. The house's slight rotation against the rest of the chain and a semicircular carved-out mass in its garden are the results of this adaptation to the environment. This rectangular compact mass is a base for a repeated module of two-storey villas. Moved-off flat roofs, simple windows, but mostly the rhythmical composition of the structure create its strong artistic effect. Adaptations of cult features of functionalist architecture, such as circular windows, subtle console-like marquises, or French windows with horizontal pipe railings, integrate the house into the neighbouring buildings of inter-war architecture.

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