Office "Z", Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Georg Bliznakov

The extremely narrow triangular site in the compact structure of the historic town centre is suitable for a special-purpose construction. The designed slim sculptural mass serves as an atelier of the architect and also as an art-focused business office on the ground floor. The abstract image of the house is erected on the simple parterre of a pragmatic arrangement. The house's internal disposition is covered by a raster of horizontal lamellas. The irregular, almost random arrangement of window openings emphasises the house's intangibility in terms of traditional categories of historical architecture. The internal organisation of the designed house responds to the overall concept of abstraction. All the storeys are of a large capacity. An expressive straight staircase interconnects the storeys and is also a dash between the neighbouring house and the new mass. The tear-shaped superstructure of the roof differs from the rest of the volume by its vertical lamellas. The house becomes rooted in the block of historic architecture and stands in an immediate dialogue with Belluš' Hotel Devín or Dedeček's finishing of SNG.

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