Family house - Villa "Devín II", Bratislava - Devín
Ľubomír Závodný, Jana Švecková, Peter Vodrážka
cooperation and authors of interior: Daniel Priehoda, Juraj Sumbal

The basic design of a mass is a tie of three basic materials. The original bungalow with living saddle roof and two ground-level pavilion wings, addressed a neologism. This solution is based on a mass of historical urbanism, where the original mass with a saddle roof to generate involvement in the original house structure building. Conversely, two newly designed wing ground floor house, to be a clear expression of modern architecture, entry into the original environment. The total concept solutions territories had an impact on a mass shaped object, which is towards the street in the least interfere with its larger and architectural design characteristics of the surrounding environment and adjacent buildings. Conversely, two ground-level lateral mass escape from a simple ground plan outline, which is accented by a modern-day situation in this environment, where no object stood still. Very important spatial element throughout a mass - track the atrium space, which increases the attractiveness and intimacy, while interior spaces allowing light penetration and glare from the east side.

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