Family house, reconstruction and extension, Červeňova st., Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Novotný

The plot on which the house was renovated, is located on an exposed terrain with steep north-east orientation. The plot is part of the residential buildings of the Old City - Palisades. Northeast portion of the parcel is the supporting wall of the garage to the upper ground level of the retaining wall was three-storey building, which was recently used as an urban villa with the function of the embassy.
Reconstruction consistently followed and respected architectural and mass term of the original object and reaches into it only by creating glazing predschodiskovej oriel in the elevator lobby and a light superstructure floor subsided. Tectonics of the openings of the building is preserved and is fragmentálne by a new emphasis. Naturally, the use and configuration of the terrain on the southwest side of the building from the living room to the newly opened terrace. Material solutions, like major urban and architectural concept is based on the use of original materials - plaster house complemented by easy expression abates glazing and glazed floor dormers. Added the modified retaining wall scežujúcim aluminum cladding together with additional new aluminum garage doors.

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