Office building "Cassovar", Košice
Ľubomír Závodný, Tomáš Auxt, Tomáš Bartko, Peter Novotný, Miroslav Prokopič, Jana Švecková

The proposal addresses the complex area. A mass spatial composition is created, which continues developing and updating the intention as presented in the urban study (2006) processed by Global Group and UHA Košice as authority. Behind CBC I. (the 2nd phase of Cassovar Complex) Cassovar Residence (1st phase approved by the legal official receipt) together with intended 3rd phase lie within the whole complex. The two-storey retail mass is perceived mainly towards the entrance of the city center of Košice and turned to the residential complex. The parterre provides a commerce too. Accordingly the architectural expressive qualities are first of all evident at the entrance zone. An important element of the whole area is a green roof of the retail section where offers the green zone a recreation for the visitors. At the same time it creates a green atrium for the administrative employes visual perception. The main five floor mass of administration with one floor waived is shaped like a broken curved block; its expression should perform the impression that intended by T Systems, further user of the building. Thereby the architectural art solution responds to the technological sophistication of the company and by using materials such as glass and aluminium it follows the expressive means of the building. By using symbology it tries to corresponde to the expression of an effective and rapid yacht that reminds the symbol presented within the marketing of T Systems company.

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