The "TatraCity" poly-functional building complex, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný
cooperation: Michal Lang, Dalibor Michalák, Ondrej Pleidel

Petržalka's highway D 61 has come to be identified as the centre of the town for those visitors from Vienna whose perception of Bratislava starts with Aupark. The controversial interpretation of the Generic City of Koolhaas seems to work just as well for Bratislava. Following on from the earliest architectures of the 1990s, interesting constructions began to grow at the edge of the Petržalka panel complex, such as the attractive Atrium solitaire and the Digital Park. Architect Ľubomír Závodný was to undertake another undoubtedly interesting intervention in this part. The result has been a compact block on an incompact area. "To play architecture" is Závodný's designing modus operandi and as an active and regular hockey and football player, he enjoys combining playfulness and aggression with the job of an architect. The winning design of his team hinted at the construction of a constrained plot near the scaffold bridge of Jantárová cesta and the result of this architectural play was to be a complex of two new constructions - the "Signal Tower" and the "Linear Twin-tower" - built on both sides of the investor's existing building. The poly-functional building complex is reminiscent of those urban country images somewhere between Amsterdam and Rotterdam or maybe of the sprawl of Tokyo. In Petržlaka and the centre we can find contemporary Bratislava's urbanity.

Imro Vaško

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