Interiors of Unilever Slovakia, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert

For the needs of Unilever Slovakia in Bratislava the spaces of one floor of the superstruction of a building in Lazaretska Street were chosen. With respect to the character of the building the principles of the original architectural concept of the building were respected in the dispositional design.
Architectural-artistic concept of the interiors naturally develops the principles of the overall architectural concept of the building. With its expression it tries to develop an environment corresponding to the present and the social status of Unilever Company and most of all showing its standard. The overall architectural intention develops the disposition with two wings and with designing a cultivated entrance area. The spacing of the departments on the floor is designed to stay compact and the customary work relations and forms were preserved.
The entrance to the spaces of the Unilever Company will be from an existing staircase with elevators through a communication hall to the entrance reception desk part. The reception desk and the background of the entrance part are designed to be an entry part to both administrative wings. A part of the entrance space is also a show window with Unilever products. And so in the entrance part were created both a waiting space and a space with a the bearer of information - a display window with the Unilever products. From the middle entrance part and from the cross hallway there are entrances to the reception area, conference rooms, sanitary units and kitchenettes with a day room. Along both sides there are two wings of office spaces symmetrically distributed. The grouping is designed to be a dispositional three wing with a middle hallway and a large spaced office located by the outside wall. In the inner part there are predominately enclosed spaces which are separated from the hallway by a glass screen.

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