Bankaustria Creditanstalt branch, Banská Bystrica
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert

Architectural-artistic concept of the interiors naturally develops principles of the whole architectural concept of the building. With its expression it tries to create an environment corresponding to the presence and the social status of the bank and most of all showing its standard. The design of the bank hall was complicated due to the existing wall system supporting the building. That is why we decided to broaden the original door openings and their loosening to the maximum width and height possible. Further adjustments which clearly define the space of the bank hall are the alteration of the floor using new flooring from a natural stone (granite Macarana, the standard of the bank) and lowering of the soffit in the hall (needed for the distribution system of the structured cabling)). There is a bank counter in the hall separating clients from the workplaces. There is a cash desk, a discreet room and communication spaces on the left side that are separated by a see-through glass wall. The room is lit by droplights that respect the geometry of the room and by lights set in the niche of the soffit.
Three workplaces are designed in the sense of dispositional operating relations, standard for a bank. The bank counter is designed as an untypical product, the rest of the furniture and the bank technology are designed typically. There is a possibility of negotiations designed in the "tower".

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