Apartment buildings "Condominium Renaissance", Bratislava
Juraj Polyák, Ľubomír Závodný

The design of the buildings comes out of the given facts of the location, purpose of the building and the dispositional-operating design. The priority though was given to the philosophy of the living in a terrace house. With its design and expression the buildings represent a contemporary design on one hand; on the other hand they strive to be simple in its expression that is poetically exceptional due to the plasticity of the facades. Taking the above mentioned attributes into the consideration a couple of buildings always have different characteristic, however they strives to look compact in their final expression. Slight differences in the design of the houses are between the upper and lower houses. Apartment buildings A to D have their side walls made exceptional with open walls with different sizes of the window openings. The color design of the couples of apartment buildings A+B, C+D and F+G is different to one another. A separately standing house E is designed with a different color combination as well. The floors of individual apartment buildings are also individually designed but similarly in the individual couples. The creation of the reinforced surfaces, green terraces and small architecture strengthen the overall expression of these apartment buildings.

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