Family house - Villa "Slovinec", Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Michal Lang

A very clear concept and a legible scheme of the dispositional and operational design complete also the spatial and architectural design. It is necessary to mention again that it consistently connects to the urbanistic design of the whole property. The cube is oriented with its lengthwise axis in the direction perpendicular to the street. This substance design comes out of the historical urbanism when the substance covered with a gabled roof should evoke a connection to the original structure of the built-up area. The overall concept of the design of this area had influence also on the shaping of the building that should not disturb with its substance and architectural design the characteristic of the surroundings and neighboring houses. The dispositional and operational design has an influence also on the tectonics of the newly designed building. The relationship to the cardinal points and the view to the nearer and further surroundings determined the size and the proportion of the glazed openings to the full walls. Minimally used are also the plastic elements on the individual facades. The material design, similarly to the main urbanistic and architectural concept consistently comes out of the local conditions.

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