Family house - Villa "Bobo", Bratislava - Rača
Ľubomír Závodný, Daniel Priehoda

The conditions of a relatively complicated and difficultly accessible piece of land significantly influenced the overall concept of the setting of the house. The Access to the house is from the southern side along the vineyards on the private road that runs perpendicularly to the slope.
The south-eastern street façade is outlined as a barrier wall that fulfils a function of a filter of the house against unfavorable weather influences. At the same time it creates a background for the individually shaped and segmented cube of the house that leans against it. The southwest view is reflective of this scenographic concept where the back barrier wall that protrudes over the roofs of the two parts of the house is clearly identifiable. The motive of the barrier wall is spread out in two positions and in two height levels similarly to the house that is set in two parts. The disposition of a relatively big family house is set in the scene prepared like this. It is also supported by a spacious wooden garden terrace on the grounds of the house. The above mentioned principles are clearly legible in the ground plan.
The functional units are spread out into three floors. In the basement there is a two-car garage as well as a technical base and storage and it is accessible directly from the street through a wide ramp. From there through a one-arm staircase and through the hall itself there is an access hall of the house. The main part of the house is a residential hall on the first elevated floor. It has a central location and almost square ground plan. The space of the hall runs thorough two floors that are roofed with a counter roof. The disposition is finished on the top floor with two individual kid bedrooms with a bathroom and a closet. This part is almost corresponding with the bedroom part on the lower floor.

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