Family House - Villa "Hrozno", Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Vodrážka, Dalibor Michalák

The basic material depiction represents crossing of two basic substances: a three storey building oriented with its longitudinal axis in the direction perpendicular to the Old wine street and a two storey terraced building perpendicular to the first building that is also parallel to the Old wine street. This material design comes out of the given facts of the surroundings when the substance parallel to the street should evoke the original terraced design of the garden situated on the grounds. On the other hand, the three storey substance of the family house perpendicular to the street should be a clear expression of the entry of the modern architecture into the original surroundings.
The overall concept of the land design had an influence on the material shaping of the house that with its material and architectural design should not disturb the characteristics of the surroundings and the neighboring buildings. On the other hand, the transverse three storey substance surpasses a simple orthogonal ground plan by which a modern situation in these surroundings is stressed where there has been no building so far. A very important spatial component of the whole material-spatial structure is the terrace system using the given facts of the terrain and the relief of the surroundings that projects itself also onto the dispositional operating design that increases the attraction and intimacy of the inner spaces and at the same time enables penetration of light and sunshine from the west side and residential possibilities from the east side.
The dispositional and operational design has also an influence on the tectonics of the newly designed building. Its relationship to the cardinal points and view to nearer and further surroundings determined the share and size of the glazed openings to the full walls. Minimally used are also the plastic elements on individual facades. An exception is only a circle or rather a segmental ending of the three storey substance perpendicular to the street on the south façade of the building from mezzanine that connects the living room and the playroom on the first and the second elevated floor of the house which increases the exceptionality of these spaces from the outside and at the same time make a relatively "ascetic" substance of the house rich. The material design similar to the main urbanistic and architectural concept rigidly comes out of the local conditions using three basic materials - smooth white plaster as a basic unifying building material, tiling stone and wood that is used as a facing in the pillars in between the windows and in sliding lamellas of the glazed walls.

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