Multifunctional building "Ingsteel", Bratislava - Ružinov
Ľubomír Závodný, Daniel Priehoda

The shape of the building comes out of the given facts of the location, purpose of the building and the dispositional-operating design. The priority was given to the philosophy and the activity of the investor. With its shaping and expression the building represents a contemporary design and contemporary designs of facades on one hand, on the other hand it attempts be to simple in its expression which is made special by the plasticity of the incurving of the facade. Given the above mentioned attributes the two sides of the facades have different characteristic, however in the resulting expression the building looks compact and uniform in its expression. Most of all the east and south facade opens towards Tomasikova Street through a fully glazed two-layered wall and its cephalic part is oriented to the center of Ruzinov. At the same time it fulfills a utilitarian function of the protection from the sunlight. The back west facade will look more open with the openings with movable horizontal blinds and in the end part of the building with the terrace openings of the housing part. The multifunctional building will be lightened from the parterre by insertion of a first elevated floor. The architectural-artistic handling of the building, the materials used, the design of the details, the color design, the creation of the reinforced and green spaces in sync with the building just strengthen the overall expression of this multifunctional building.

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