Family house - Villa "Devín", Bratislava - Devín
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Vodrážka, Dalibor Michalák

Given the shape of the plot, the solution allowed within the land situated in a direction parallel to the Rytierska street characteristic house, which evokes the original sealing longitudinal mass with a saddle roof, which is located in the neighborhood, and the second perpendicular to this new matter so that there was impression combining original architecture with the new. Urban core concept is therefore significant intersection of two lines - perpendicular to each other materials. This concept allows for cross linking of logical units that are located on land. These two lines define the object-oriented part of Rytierska street, where the cumulative operating noisy house and part of the newly proposed dwelling house, oriented to the land where the face quieter, more intimate spaces disposition. The culmination is a spatial concept as part of the plot, outlined a pair of crosses producing fuel intimate house facilities, which in the best position allows views to locate an open terrace with outdoor fireplace with seating option. In the spirit of urban natural composition, which enabled parcel divided spirit, mass, operationally and functionally into the following main units are designed well off and garden. This concept, based on urban design, creating an optimal distribution of basic functions and their mutual relations to solve the land mass object minimizes toward public spaces, trying to reduce the area of street facades, and contrary to open up the western part of the solar facility. The basic concept of two mutually overlapping masses is reflected in the distribution of various functional units of the house. Longitudinal section of the house, oriented parallel to the Rytierska street, accumulates in each residential service is overlaid with a saddle roof, perpendicular to this part of the house, covered the whole length of the roof area is reserved for additional space. This scheme is also reflected in the layout. Dispositionally integral part of operational solutions represent exterior spaces, which arise from the residential areas of the house and rest house and recreational facilities.

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