Multifunctional building "Tatracentrum", Hodžovo square, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert, Radomil Kachlík, Peter Vavrica

A contemporary look of the project is a work of cooperation with Global studio, a project of Peter Vavrica. It develops the original project of the architect Zavodny in its basic shape. Simple main wing that follows up to the volume of hotel Forum ends in the outfall of Vysoka Street in lower more structured material. The triple wing oriented into the square has eight elevated floors. A five-story substance defines the appendix of Vysoka Street. The façade of the house is see-through with an admitted frame that creates a high esthetical value in the parterre of Hodzovo square. An effective construction of the roof grows into a conspicuous blade protuberant into the space. There are parking spaces in the three underground floors. The first two elevated floors are designated for shopping, the other ones for administrative spaces. The authors of the project successfully combined the artistic means of modernism of the sixties, the Mies image of the house like "bones and skin", with the traditional division of the substance to socle, body and roof ending. At the same time they successfully avoided the author's exhibitionism and boring academicism. Not pathetic but still representative main frontage can also be a suitable opposite side of the presidential palace. In spite of the fact that there was no public tender prior to placing the order, the final project can be accepted as a valuable work. Its timeless form that is at the same time appropriate to the contemporary architectural opinion promises a slow aging.

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