Administrative building "Westend", Bratislava - Patrónka
Ľubomír Závodný, Juraj Sumbal

The main principles of the reconstruction and mainly superstruction of the original administrative building Lignoprojekt were based on the basis of broader housing context and links to immediate structure of the housing development and in succession to the town plan of Bratislava. The main expressional criterion is architectonical-artistic expression of the contemporary and contextual follow-up to the existing building. The building is located in Bratislava-Patronka which is a part of the suburb Karlova Ves. The reconstruction and superstruction of the administrative building has point and compact traits. The emphasis on the quality of the architectural expression is put compactly on the whole facade of the building. A material and shape emphasis that fulfills many functions at the same time is created - it creates a true picture of the time shift between the original building and the superstruction. The architectural expression of the building from Lamacska road is designed as cephalic - a full glass facade is used and supplemented by vents. Shape emphasis is put on asymmetrical sidewalls with aluminum facing. As a whole this administrative building looks compact with slight specific differences of its parts (substructure and superstruction) and facades. There are also garages that are a part of the complex.

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