Protestant Church, Nitra
Juraj Polyák, Ľubomír Závodný

The church's building is a structure of several spaces, including the celebratory space, the parsonage, and the gospel centre. The building completes a corrupt urban block in the immediate centre of Nitra. The building's corner position allowed the generous disposition of its ground plan that bears resemblance with open arms. In the centre of the composition, there is an oval sacral space lighted through a roof skylight that was created by cutting the roof and shifting one part up. The parsonage shaped as a three-storey prism integrates into the existing neighbouring building through a glassed mass. In the spirit of protestant strictness, the church is moderate and civil. Expressive grand arches of ferroconcrete walls have several windows emphasised by shifted stone blades of window ledges. The subtle constructivist bell tower with a cross represents the traditional symbolism of a church.

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