Roman Catholic Gospel Centre, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Georg Bliznakov, Matej Siebert

The centre is a relatively large complex of spaces ordered into a compact structure. Its space concept is based upon the effort to create a tranquil and clearly defined environment in terms of the surroundings of a diffuse housing estate. Classrooms, the parsonage and administrative spaces create an L-shaped ground plan as the external street line of the composition. The house opens itself into the inner yard by glass walls of a round shape creating the oval sacral space. It seems to be carved out of the basic mass of the complex, and its shape copies the bend of the external house. The glass ceiling is propped up by the structure of six straight pillars. The composition is decorated by vertical wooden lamellas of the church's oval that emphasise its exceptional position within the complex. A slim bell tower as the inevitable attribute of a sacral building completes the construction.

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