Family house - Villa "Ôsma", Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Vodrážka

Závodný teamed up with the architect Peter Vodrážka on this project and they were able to create a pleasant living on a very small piece of land. The piece of land is in a hilly terrain and so the authors used this fact to create two height levels. The whole space is separated from the street with a stone wall with a gate from burnished metal. There is a small yard behind the gate from where there is an entrance to two garages, then a one-arm atypical roofed staircase to the residential floor and a sharp spiral ascending ramp to the terrace. After the entrance to the house in the chill-out area there are bedrooms with bathrooms and on the opposite side there is a spacious living room with kitchen and the continuation of that is the next floor designed for entertainment. In the interior there are confessed wooden pasted arc girders that smoothly roof the next block where the swimming pool is located. The living room and swimming pool are glassed with sliding screens to the terrace with a possibility to connect the exterior with the interior. The terrace creates a similar effect that with its beautiful panorama connects the intimacy of the house with the city in the background .The whole material of the house is softened with the roof girders mentioned, with the broken arc of the living room and in the arc of the ramp that watches the winter garden. The coloring of the exterior and the interior is predominantly neutral white from which red walls emerge like emphasis or blue frames of the windows and garage gates. The slopes that were created by balancing of the levels are sensitively set with greenery.

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