Slovak National Bank Branch Office, Lučenec
Ľubomír Závodný, Georg Bliznakov, Matej Siebert, Peter Vodrážka

The NBS branch office enters the disrupted urban structure of Lučenec's wide centre. The concept of this new building is based on a conventional connection of a ground-floor base with a high-rise administrative building. This concept calms down the surroundings where any elementary order absents. The two masses creating the building are erected on orthogonal coordinates. The four-storey cube of the upper office building is unapproachable and strict. It differs from the larger base also by its expressive horizontal stripes. The public ground base responds to the bend of the road by a generous arch in front of the west facade. An intimate yard is created as a pleasant urban feature and is the only exception to the rectangular concept of the building.

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