Furniture house "Atrium", Bratislava - Petržalka
Ľubomír Závodný, Peter Vodrážka, Dalibor Michalák, Daniel Priehoda, Juraj Sumbal

The shape of the building comes out of the given facts of the location, purpose of the building and the dispositional-operating design. On one hand with its shaping and expression the building has to represent a contemporary design that projects through its main exhibition article - furniture into the architectural-artistic design of the whole substance but also into the facades, on the other hand it strives to be simple in its expression, almost utilitarian that present themselves only in the industrial character of the building. Taking the above mentioned attributes into the consideration the two sides of the facades have different characteristic, however in the resulting expression the building looks compact and uniform in its expression. Most of all the northern façade that opens into the Einstein Street through a fully glazed wall invites its visitors to the building to satisfy their curiosity. On the other hand it allows the visitor incredibly interesting views from the interior of the building towards the Janko Kral Park, Aupark but also to the historical center of Bratislava with its dominant features - the St Martin's Cathedral and the castle. The continuity of the views and their gradual opening from the first elevated floor to the third elevated floor are supplied by ramps that at the same time cross divide the disposition to two parts moved by half a floor in its height. The two gable walls have different characteristic. One of them will be in the close contact to the neighboring building; the opposite one will be oriented towards the overpass of the Jantar road. They will be designed as a full wall just partly perforated by openings. The back façade will look completely closed. It will be made up of irregularly jutted out full cubes of the materials in the second and the third elevated floor by which the façade will reach higher plasticity. This wall together with cubes will be made up of full substance without any openings. The Furniture house will be lightened from the parterre by leaving out the first underground floor that will be cross ventilated by openings that are not glazed. The architectural-artistic design of the building, the materials used, the design of the details, the color design, the creation of the reinforced and green sites in contact to the object only strengthen the overall expression of this untraditional Furniture house that provides its showrooms for presentations of contemporary trends of interior design.

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