Apartment and Office House, Bratislava
Juraj Závodný, Ľubomír Závodný

The two houses are designed to be in immediate contact with the busy Trnavská Street. One of them is a rental office house, and the second one is an apartment house. A gently divided facade remarkably structures both houses. The office house appears to be offensive through its crown-shaped roof superstructure. The apartment house is more defensive thanks to its concave roof. The corner building is more compact and its external appearance resembles the strictness and vigour of its future users. In contrast, the second house evokes the tranquillity of a housing environment. Large flat facades contrast with a dense division of noise barriers. Both houses do not oppose a traditional composition consisting of a base, a body, and a finishing roof. Using modern means of expression, these parts, however, do not respond to a traditional archetypal concept of their appearance.

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