Apartment house "Nad Lúčkami", Bratislava
Juraj Závodný, Ľubomír Závodný

The building "Nad Lúčkami", similar to the one in Šamorín, stands on the boundary of an older neighborhood with apartment complexes and a relict of a neighborhood with family houses. Similar is also the setting to the terrain and the orientation of the rounded corner towards the main entrance line which serves as a prologue to the subsequent game of the figures of the housing buildings, streets and roads. The other layers of the building are also familiar: a square base of the compact material, a strict rectangular composition inside and a slight release of the primary geometry towards the facing, see-through functional disposition of the apartments, ideal orientation to the cardinal points, the adjustment of the views and of course a pole inside the free space behind the arch. The formal syntax of the building "Nad Luckami" is less abstract compared to the one in Samorin. While in Samorin a bold Corbusiev composition of the openings in the arch of the corner dominates artistically, in Bratislava there are simple track windows instead. Substantially different and professionally more mature is also the access to the apartments. There is a spacious central hall with a round "mirror" instead of the hallway. A conical skylight lightens it, surprisingly sticking out of the flat roof. And this motive is one of the points where an inconspicuous plurality emerges. While the whole building is ruled by a strict geometrical system in both the surface and the space, the roof together with the light is a thoroughly elaborated yet still irregular system. The plurality is present also in the fundamental profile of the building. The Zavodnys used a contemporary dispositional, artistic and constructional device that is in sync with the modern European tendencies. At the same time they also held on to the traditional tripartite material outline that they mastered a long time ago. They designed the socle as a massive base coated with a rough facing softened with horizontal slit openings. The body also represents a traditionally understood expanse, even though the forms of the details used come out of modern technologies. And then it is the lid typical for the Zavodnys, the top floor typically restrained inside and unexpectedly eloquent in its shape on the outside. In the two floors of the widened plinth and not on a very ideal ground there are parking spaces and storerooms. The plinth interlocks the square parterre with spaces that are accessible on its own and can be rented out. It shows its function by means of its own regime of glazed surfaces independent from the rest of the building. The remaining seven floors are residential. The number of the apartments on a floor can be from four to six. The apartments are not luxurious. They are above standard due to the type variety, flexibility and human affability of the spaces, windows, surfaces and details.

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