Apartment house "D", Šamorín
Ľubomír Závodný

One of the first designs of apartment housing after 1989 was created in the small-town atmosphere of Šamorín. The implemented apartment houses in the south-west outskirts of the town still represent an excellent example of this genre of architecture. The group of four five-storey houses was based upon the principle of intimate urbanism of town villas. The "D" House is the first from the centre of the town. It takes the geometry of a simple prism of a square base for its starting point. Four flats are situated on every floor in accordance with the strictly rational ground plan. In addition, the ground floor provides rental offices for small businesses. The position of the house was perhaps one of the reasons for the expressive artistic design of the entrance facade, created by a shifted-out corner propped-up by a round column. The irregular structure of windows dominates the plastered flat wall. The bold Corbousierish gesture of the corner is the most expressive moment of the composition. The south and east facades are rimmed by long balconies in the spirit of the elementary functionality. A console-shaped superstructure decorates the house's flat roof in its south part.

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