Interiors of Café Metropol, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert

The café fastens on the tradition of a former café and reading room located in the upper ground floor of this corner functionalist house. Today's café is situated on the first floor of the building. It can be entered through a small entrance hall with a cloakroom and an inserted double staircase dominating the entry. Noble materials with elaborated subtle details have been used. The cloakroom desk, an organic little sculpture of a kidney shape, stands on its subtle metal legs, contrasting with the staircase's tectonics. The thorough coating of the walls (beech ply) of the entrance hall and the other spaces indicates the soothing and softening spirit of the café. The floor responds to the original diagonal pavement of the old café. The staircase leads to the lobby with toilets on the first floor. The café starts here and is divided into a restaurant part, a club, and a small parlour that is an appendix at the end of the longitudinal space. The first part of the café, the restaurant, has higher armchairs and benches under windows and square little tables on conical legs. The club is situated deeper in the café's space. Lower circular tables, comfortable armchairs, pointing lights, and a lowered ceiling intensify the intimate atmosphere. The little parlour at the end of the café is optically separated and can serve for a small company of guests. The café's artistic concept is based on the cult aesthetics of a traditional café in Bratislava of the First Republic.

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