Bankaustria Creditanstalt branch, building AWT, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert

The space of the parterre and the first floor of the building of the "Car center" AWT Bavaria in Roznavska road was chosen for the needs of the branch bank Creditanstalt in Bratislava. There is a car dealership and maintenance services for selected types of cars. Parts of the building are also office spaces. Architectural-artistic concept of the interior naturally develops an environment that corresponds to the present and the social status of the bank and most of all showing its standard. The entrance to the whole building is from the round corner from Roznavska road. The branch itself has a separate entrance from the parking lot along Roznavska road and of course also straight from the car dealership. There is a passage from the main entrance through a small 24-hour zone equipped by relevant bank technology. Through the 24-hour zone there is a straight connection through automatic slide doors to the bank hall. The bank spaces have a triangle shape on both floors. There will be a counter system of service for clients with the workplace by the back wall. Along the back wall and in front of the wall a new glass wall is designed that delimits and divides service operations of the branch. The floor of the bank hall is designed to be from square stone grey flooring with the pattern in the direction parallel with the dilatation of the floor heating. In the bank hall there is a new passage designed, from the car center AWT through the glass wall with the door. There is an immediate access to the staircase leading to the second floor with further consulting workplaces. Along the outside wall there are four workplaces with negotiating tables for clients designed. In the oblong back interior part there is an employee base with a kitchen and spaces for business meetings. On the side wall there is a facing with inbuilt cabinets designed. The wall is paneled with a simply shaped large-surfaced wooden facing.

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