Bankaustria Creditanstalt Branch office, Pallehner building, Bratislava
Ľubomír Závodný, Matej Siebert

The interior design for the branch office of Creditanstalt was created in terms of the conversion of a three-storey historical building in Hurbanovo Square known as Pallehner. Several authors participated in this design. The building consists of the bank and the back office in two storeys. The architectural solution lets the original construction substance be relatively autonomous. The office was furnished by independent objects combining cherry-tree ply, grey painting, and anticorrosive metal contrasts. The idea of a continuous wooden strip passes through the entrance hall to the offices. The idea is presented as wall boarding, or it fills the space under windows. Customer desks are solitaires of robust rectangular shapes. This relatively strict appearance of the interior is softened by a couple of red sofas for clients. The body of the back staircase is an interesting feature that connects offices with the basement. A glass wall follows the staircase's oval part and its rectangular face is covered by glass with a set of horizontal anticorrosive lamellas. A charming visual effect is created, refreshing the core of the administrative spaces.

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