Pavilion of IRB, Bratislava
Ján Bahna, Ľubomír Závodný

The need for an extension into the adjacent yard emerged during the conversion of the parterre of the office building from the 50's for the branch office of IRB. An abstract geometric shape, a prism on a trapezium-shaped base, enters the cramped yard and utilises all of its space potential. The centre of an intimate bank hall develops inside. The one-storey building has a flat roof cut diagonally by a shallow skylight. The skylight divides the ceiling and continues through the corner glass wall on one side and a massive column on the opposite side of the space. A subtle passage covered by a glass vault serves as a connection between the original object and the new one. The IRB branch office is one of the first banking implementations after 1989. Despite this, the formalism and wasting of materials typical for that period did not affect the building. Its clear space concept based on geometric relationships represents a valuable everlasting attitude.

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